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So it's been a long time since I've posted, but I found some inspiration finally. Hopefully people still like them! Dedicated to Olivia :) Oh and I'd totally love some comments!

[125] Tegan and Sara Icons 

Ok, so alot has been going on and I haven't updated in like forever!! So here's a whole bunch of KStew icons from Sundance! I'm working my way through all the recent events and stuff!!

[182] KStew Icons

Even if you don't take any comments are love :) 

With a bit of focus I"ll be under your skinCollapse )
19th-Nov-2009 10:41 pm - I promise I won't linger long..
[3] Kellan Icons

[8] Robsten Icons

[25] RPattz Icons

[73] Entertainment Weekly Icons

[106] KStew Icons

+Collapse )
13th-Oct-2009 10:33 pm - Would you stay. For me. (Part 2)
157 New Moon Icons (some animated)

Part 1
I have to go. Collapse ) Comments are love :)
13th-Oct-2009 10:26 pm - Would you stay. For me. (Part 1)
210 New Moon Icons

Part 2
I have to go. Collapse ) Comments are love. :)
Bella - Gone

001. - 144. - New Moon Icons 
001. - 011. - New Moon Banners 
001. - 034. - Tegan And Sara Icons

I can"t controlCollapse ) Sooo yeh it's been forever. Hope you guys like. Comments are nice :)
24th-Jun-2009 10:01 pm - The subtle grace of gravity..
Sara in studio
137. Kristen Stewart Icons
056. Tegan and Sara Icons

Comments are love. As always. 
Requests always open. 
I can add text - change things etc etc. Just ask. 

11th-Jun-2009 02:31 am - You take the breath right out of me
Bella - he was gone
[88] MTV Awards Icons
[32] New Moon Icons
[4] New Moon Banners
[8] New Moon Wallpapers

And left a hole where my heart should be You gotta fight just to make it through "Cause I will be the death of youCollapse )

As always comments are love. Snagging or not.
I do take request post them
Enjoy :)

082. New Moon Trailer Icons (12 animated)
004. New Moon Trailer Banners

There will be more at some other point, but right now my exam revision is calling! :(

You are the only reason to stay - alive - if that"s what I amCollapse )
Comments are always love - whether you snag any or not :)
Any requests? Want me to change something for you? Gimme a shout.

28th-May-2009 01:14 am - I will wait for you ...

071. New Moon Icons (promo images and italy scene)
008. New Moon Banners

Comments are love. 
she said, endlesslyCollapse )
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